Take Medicare Part D

When you turn 65, you almost certainly want enroll in Medicare.  If you are paying $500-$1,000 (or more in certain cases) per month for medical insurance premiums through the ACA what could be a better birthday present than a new insurance premium of just $134 per month if you make less than $170,000 a year.  That premium will get you coverage under Parts A and B.  Those two parts pay for hospital and outpatient doctor visits.

But, if you’re healthy and not taking any medications, should you enroll for Medicare’s Part D prescription drug coverage?  Sounds like a waste of money if you aren’t on medications.  However, you should think of the future.  You will be penalized with higher premiums later on if you do not enroll in Part D when you enroll for parts A and B.  Given that at some point most everyone will require some medication as we age, it is probably a wise move to sign up for an affordable Part D plan at age 65 even if you don’t need at that time. 

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