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10 Things an Estate Plan Can Do For You

     Provide support and financial stability to your spouse, children and grandchildren.      Preserve your wealth for later generations.      Make sure your wishes are carried out when you can no longer manage your affairs.      Support a favorite charity.      Distribute assets in a timely fashion.      MinimizeContinue Reading


As discussed in previous posts, sorting through a parent or grandparent’s affairs and finances can be daunting, but planning ahead and making use of some tools and strategies to help organize and collect vital information can prevent a lot of stress later on.  Electronic storage of important documentation and record keeping can be very helpful.Continue Reading

Can Your Estate be Divided Unequally and Still be “Fair”?

A recent estate column in the Wealth Matters section of the New York Times caught our attention.  The article asks, “Is there ever a time when inheritance should be uneven?  And if so, can uneven still be fair?  The answer to both questions is yes.”  But, good, clear, timely communication is essential to avoid hurtContinue Reading

Helpful Tips – Your Financial Records

It can be helpful to your spouse and children to compile a complete record of your financial life.  Include lists of brokerage accounts, mutual funds, real estate holdings, bank accounts, annuities, CDs, safe deposit boxes, life insurance and other financial information.  This record should also include contact information, user IDs and passwords.  You should alsoContinue Reading

The Top Mistakes People Make in Planning for Long Term Care

Top 7 Mistakes Thinking it’s too late to plan. It’s almost never too late to take planning steps, even if after a family member has begun to receive long term care. Giving away assets too early. Make sure you can take care of yourself first. Don’t put your security at risk by putting all ofContinue Reading