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The Sharing Economy aka the Gig Economy

Older adults are becoming more and more a part of the sharing economy, also known as the gig economy. The sharing economy allows you to share your skills or belongings with the larger community and make money. If you are capable in plumbing, carpentry, have extra room in your house or can rent out yourContinue Reading

Chilifest 2015 at Bothell Life Celebrations

We hope to see you this evening at Chilifest 2015 at Life Celebrations starting at 5:30 pm.  15 chili chefs are working hard to provide the best chili and would love your vote!  Votes cost only $1 or a non-perishable food item.  The event is free and all proceeds are donated to Hopelink.  Come joinContinue Reading

Traveling During Retirement

Traveling can be expensive. However, the costs can be kept low with a few simple strategies. First, prioritize where you would like to travel. You should also create a budget for your travels. Make sure that you have an approximate cost for your entire trip and that you have a little money as back upContinue Reading

Living Abroad – Paying Taxes on Foreign Accounts

Over 8 million U.S. citizens and green-card holders live abroad, which means millions of Americans have foreign accounts. However, many Americans fail to comply with IRS reporting requirements. The regulations for filing and disclosing international accounts are complex and yield severe penalties for failure to report and pay tax. In 2009, the US began strictlyContinue Reading

Lively, Festive and Enjoyable Senior Day 2015

As you can see, Senior Day is a family affair at Hugg & Associates. We always enjoy meeting lots of interesting people and sharing many wonderful stories, while giving away a healthy snack. Our family looks forward to making Senior Day special again next year.