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All Back to Normal!!!

Office Closed Temporarily

Due to a residential gas leak next door, Hugg & Associates is temporarily closed. We hope to be back in our offices this afternoon and we apologize for any inconvenience.  Once we return to our office we will return phone calls to all who leave us a message. Thank you for your patience.


Our building is repaired and we moved back in! Thank you LZL Construction!

Social Media and Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

As social media platforms increase, the lines are being blurred on what is acceptable to post online. There have been instances in nursing homes where a patient’s privacy has been violated. Nursing home attendants have posted embarrassing and degrading pictures of their patients on social media, namely Snapchat and Facebook. Unfortunately, many patients fail toContinue Reading

Help Boost Your Retirement When You Become an Empty Nester

Need to boost your retirement? Do you realize it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise a child? When the kids finally do leave home, parents often spend nearly as much money on travel, fixing their home up, buying a new car, and other costly purchases. Many continue to pay for their children’s college,Continue Reading