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Aging and Your Social Life

Aging is not easy.  Life events such as divorce, a death in the family, unemployment or financial set backs may affect you negatively, emotionally and health-wise.  However, science has shown that having friends that you age with are good for your health. Psychologically, friends are there for you when you need them, they can helpContinue Reading

Planning for Disability

Every American is likely to develop a disability in their life, some disabilities will be temporary.  Because of this it is important to plan for disability at any age.  In 2010, across all age groups, almost one in five people had a disability according to the United States Census and the statistics show that developingContinue Reading

Home, Safe Home

(from “Hope to Stay in Your Home? Try Making it More Age Friendly”) There are plenty of improvements families can make to a beloved home to make it safe, accessible and enjoyable for later decades. Common improvements include adding grab bars in bathrooms and replacing a bathtub with a walk in shower that has aContinue Reading

Laws Spreading That Allow Terminally Ill Access to Experimental Drugs

Arizona voters recently approved a referendum that allows terminally ill patients to receive experimental drugs and devices. It’s the fifth state to approve a “right-to-try” law this year. Supporters say the laws give dying patients faster access to potentially life-saving therapies than the Food and Drug Administration’s existing “expanded-access” program, often referred to as “compassionateContinue Reading

Research Shows Walking Can Blunt Cognitive Decline

A new study from the University of Kansas shows that walking can help stave off cognitive decline in older adults. “People can walk either to get somewhere or for leisure,” said Amber Watts, assistant professor of clinical psychology. Watts said neighborhoods that inspire walking for leisure also are full of pleasant things to look at,Continue Reading