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rambler(from “Hope to Stay in Your Home? Try Making it More Age Friendly”)

There are plenty of improvements families can make to a beloved home to make it safe, accessible and enjoyable for later decades. Common improvements include adding grab bars in bathrooms and replacing a bathtub with a walk in shower that has a place to sit. For those with arthritis, owners can replace turn sink faucets with lever faucets and install self-closing cabinets in kitchen and bathroom areas. If seniors are currently looking for a home (or can pursue a major remodel) it is worth ensuring that the master bedroom and a full bathroom are located on the first floor, and that the path into the house is free of stairs. To accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, as well as ease to back pain, homeowners can adjust countertop heights, use pedestal sinks, and increase the width of doorways around the house. These improvements may be expensive, but the investment may lead to decades of comfortable and safe living.

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